Concealed Carry Reciprocity: "Why Should I have A Concealed Carry Permit?"



Seeing how Arizona law allows for concealed weapons carry without a permit, you may be asking yourself "Why do I even need to have a permit? That's just another expense." 

Here are just a few of the reasons why we at Group Therapy Training Solutions believe that you should possess a CCW permit if you opt to conceal carry a handgun anywhere you are legally permitted:

1. Background Checks: In order to streamline the purchase of a firearm from a licensed firearms dealer.

2. Reciprocity Agreements: A valid AZ CCW license allows you to concealed carry in other states that have a Concealed Carry Reciprocity agreement with Arizona. Without the AZ permit, Arizona citizens cannot normally legally carry in these states.

3. Helps Law Enforcement Personnel: Which, in turn, helps you. Having an Arizona CCW permit helps the police and other law enforcement officials immediately determine that you are a "good guy" when they run your plate or license. It also tells them you are not mentally unfit or a convicted felon, mainly because you have already passed a federal background check.

4. For Legal Defense: Having received certified firearms training may help with your legal defense should you ever be arrested and go to trial.

5. Restaurants or Bars That Serve Alcohol For Consumption: Having a valid Arizona CCW permit allows you to conceal carry in a restaurant or bar that serves alcohol for consumption on the premises, as long as you do not consume an alcoholic beverage, or the restaurant does NOT post a sign that forbids the presence of firearms, or a representative of the establishment does not ask you to remove your firearm from the premises.

6. Title 13 - Criminal Code - Arizona Revised Statutes. Having a Concealed Carry Permit familiarizes you with important-to-know criminal code laws. We at GTTS completely believe that an educated and better informed person will be a more responsible concealed carrier.